What happens to your social networks after you die?

This is a very interesting question to learn about, as in a world so obsessed with social media, this may be something that would be of great curiosity among people. As there are so many accounts in the world and maybe in some part of the world there may be so many deaths taking place. It will strange to know that about 8 million users died in the first 8 years of Facebook. So do their account still be live, and if it is then for how long will their identity show up on social networking sites.

Let’s move on with this article and learn some of the unusual facts about social media.

So what will happen to your account will depend upon the decision you will make before you die. It may also depend upon the platform you are using and the options that are available to you on that platform.

We will first talk about the social networking sites that allow doing some required setting before you die and that’s Facebook.


Facebook has certain settings that allow the user to set up some kind of setting wherein you have to add a legacy contact. It means someone who you will select to do the required steps to your account after its being memorialized. Memorialized is a passive term used for users who have died. The sets consist of some easy steps – Go to your general setting- and then go to manage account-Type in a friends name for legacy contact-and click to add. It is necessary that your friend or close person whom you have selected should know about it, hence click send once it is done.

The person chosen as legacy contact can report the account as memorialized or close it so that nobody can misuse the account and identity. They have to show a copy of the death certificate to confirm the request. Memorializing the account will stop some notification like birthday reminders to a friend. This is one of the unusual as well as a unique feature provided by Facebook that none of the other social networks allows the user to set.

 Other Social Network.


Twitter in a way is also better as it has a certain option that allows the family member of the memorialized person to request to close the account through a privacy form that may require them to give certain proof in documents.

All the other social networks like Instagram also deactivate the account after it has not been used for many years.

One can also report on Instagram the account of the expired person by going to the Instagram hack center and let them know by providing a death proof in the document to them. This will remove the account from there after some days of being verified.


Pinterest also allows the close one of the deceased to inform and deactivate their account by sending them a mail with the required detail and proof of the same.

Other social networking sites mostly get deactivated or removed after 6 months of the account’s inactivity.


This site enables you to manage a digital legacy that will manage your account after you die. It seems strange, Right? But to our amazement, there is really a site that does that work for you. It will allow you to write a goodbye message and choose and schedule for some of your posts that you would like to post after you die. You may read up more to know about it.

So I hope now you are all clear about what happens to your account or what one can do with it to serve that purpose. Now it’s your decision what action you want to have on your account and so choose as you think is right.

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